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two questions... i haven't started to make this bag yet but i wanted to ask a few things first.

1) do you pleat the lining as well as the outside fabric? if you don't, won't the lining be too big for the bag, and get bunched up inside?

2) have you tried to put in the lining by dropping the outside fabric (inside out) into the lining, sewing, and then flipping inside out and handstitching to finish? does that work too?


I was wondering about the lining for the body... is it a 17 x 19 inch piece or it 17 at the bottom and 14 at the top?


hmmmm, looks like I need me another totebag, cos that one's so cute! thanks for sharing the pattern


Wow, thanks for sharing this pattern. It is so nice and so are you!


hey Ruth!
The lining should be about 14 inches :)


this bag is so cute!!!

i was wondering what were the dimensions of the lining. i see a 17" for the width. what is the length?


I love your cute little sketches.


oh THANK yOU , tHANK you!!
This is wonderful, can't wait to make mine, another excuse to shop for new fabric :)


hey! hello, thanks so much, for post this, you know i'm inspired by these i'll try to make myself...

and all your stuff is lovely, i like the blouse built by wendy i'm make one too, but that patterns don't sale here, so i have to make the pattern my self, soon i show the photo!


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